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Shuriken SK-BT45 Compact Size AGM 12V Battery

Shuriken SK-BT45 Compact Size AGM 12V Battery

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1250W . 45 Amp Hours – Sold Individually.;

Shuriken Power Cells are engineered for today’s high-performance mobile audio systems. Utilizing Shuriken’s Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology . these rechargeable power cells can be mounted in any position and will not spill.

The power cells are extremely resistant to excessive heat and strong vibration. They can be discharged and recharged hundreds of times. With super-low ESR and closely packed pure lead plates . each power cell packs a punch. Many Shuriken Power Cells are designed to deliver the winning edge at SPL competitions. Others provide the consistent backup power needed for powerful car stereo systems . especially when parked for parties and shows.;

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