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Sun Joe 24V Cordless Power Cleaner Kit, Accessories, 2.0-Ah Battery & Charger

Sun Joe 24V Cordless Power Cleaner Kit, Accessories, 2.0-Ah Battery & Charger

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Meet the cutting-edge in cordless cleaning tech with the portable . pressurized . power cleaning system from SUN JOE. Perfect anywhere power is at a premium . it’s ideal to take a quick rinse on the road or a mini power wash wherever your travels take you. SUN JOE is powered by IONMAX ?? the exclusive . eco-friendly 24-Volt lithium-ion battery system. Equipped with a 20-ft siphon hose . 24V-PP350-LTE draws water from any fresh water source ?? like a bucket . pool . pond . or directly from the spigot ?? so you can quickly clean off the car . truck . boat . RV . or pressure wash the patio . around the pool and other outdoor spaces. The included 5-in-1 nozzle offers five selectable spray patterns ?? switch from 0 powerful pinpoint jet to 40 fan spray and gentle shower ?? with just a twist of the wrist. Providing up to 5x more cleaning power than conventional garden hoses . SUN JOE blasts through mud and messes with 320 PSI rated pressure to quickly rinse away dirt and debris. For those stubborn stains in tight spaces like wheel wells . the included utility bristle brush easily breaks down grease . grime . oil and mud without causing damage. SUN JOE’s lightweight at only 8 lb . making it the perfectly portable camping companion and stores easily anywhere you like.

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